Owner Services

Our focus at Welcome Home Properties LLC is to protect the value of the owner's investment while providing clean, safe and tenantable housing with friendly and professional customer service.  We provide:


  • Tenant screening including employment verification, rental history, reference and background checks.
  • Extensive QuickBooks experience.
  • Rent collection with timely deposits, collections and eviction when necessary.  Experience with small claims court and judgments. 
  • Bill pay for all operating expenses such as debt service, taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance and repairs.
  • Periodic inspections to ensure the property is being maintained by both tenants and vendors.
  • Quick response time to repair issues, logical trouble-shooting and cost-effective solutions. 
  • Monthly financial reporting: profit and loss statements, general ledger, balance sheets, rent rolls and more. 
  • Financial statements and year-end reports available for tax accounting personnel.
  • Timely communications regarding property status changes and pertinent information. 
  • Immediate contact in the case of any emergencies.

We abide by the Landlord/Tenant Rights as detailed in the North Dakota Century Code. 

We abide by all equal opportunity and fair housing laws.


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Pamela Johnson is a licensed Realtor with BluFrog Realty of Jamestown. ©2018 Welcome Home Properties LLC